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Battle Of Antietam video

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The Battle of Antietam

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From Now to Then: Whispers of Antietam

Sun photojournalist Karl Merton Ferron takes a then-and-now look at the Antietam battlefield. LET'S CONNECT: Baltimore Sun ▻ http://bsun.md/1GFAzL3 ...

Kevin Weddle discusses Antietam

Kevin Weddle discusses the Battle of Antietam a day before the Distance Education Class of 2013 traveled down to tour the historic battlefield.

Battles of the Civil War: Crash Course US History #19

Disclaimer: This is very different than the usual Crash Course US History episode. In which John Green lists a whole lot of the battles of the US Civil War in ...

Hell on Wheels - Antietam.

Scene from the 1x08 with french subtitles. Rough cut between the two scenes, Bohannon say : \

Civil War Medicine - Dr. Letterman and the Battle of Antietam

Dr. Jonathan Letterman, medical director of the Union Army of the Potomac, revolutionized battlefield medicine with his Letterman Plan. In this video at the Pry ...

150th Anniversary of The Battle of Antietam - Union Drummer Boys

Video footage from the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Antietam featuring the 1st P.R.V.C (Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corp)

Artifact - the Antietam Arm

National Museum of Civil War Medicine Executive Director George Wunderlich talks about an unusual artifact. This video sponsored in part by the Ausherman ...

150th Anniversary of The Battle of Antietam - Union Drummer Boys - 2 of 3

Video footage from the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Antietam featuring the 1st P.R.V.C (Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corp)

Antietam and The Emancipation Proclamation

Antietam ... the bloodiest day in American military history ... provides President Lincoln the opportunity to put forth his Emancipation Proclamation.

Abraham Lincoln: The Battle of Antietam and the Emancipation Proclamation

Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation following the retreat of Lee after the Battle of Antietam. \

Early phases of Civil War and Antietam | US History | Khan Academy

Early phases of Civil War and Antietam. Watch the next lesson: ...

Antietam National Battlefield, Maryland - Full Tour HD (2017)

Antietam National Battlefield is a National Park Service protected area along Antietam Creek in Sharpsburg, Washington County, northwestern Maryland.

George McClellan's Failure to act at Antietam


How to Win Antietam for the South - Ultimate General Civil War


Battle of Antietam Animated Map

Battle of Antietam Animated Map from Western Heritage Mapping.

Burnside's Bridge Antietam National Battlefield Civil War, Ambrose McClellan

Ambrose Burnside's 10000 man march across the bridge at Antietam Creek. Sept 17th, 1862.

Playmobil: The battle of Antietam


Ed Bearss' Antietam Battle Walk

The legendary former chief historian of the National Park Service, Ed Bearss, leads a 2 hour battle walk at the Antietam National Battlefield on Sunday, ...


Battle of Antietam around the corn field in toy soldiers.

T-Bone Burnett - The Battle Of Antietam

T-Bone Burnett with his version of \

Antietam Civil War Battlefield - Sharpsburg Maryland

Antietam Civil War Battlefield - Sharpsburg Maryland.

Antietam Burnside Bridge Tour pt 1


Minecraft Battle Of Antietam Recreation & facts.

So this was a school project for social studies and I thought I might as well share it with the world :D. Its a recreation of the battle at Antietam during the American ...

The Battle of Antietam - Reenactment using Battle Cry

A board game reenactment of the battle of Antietam using the board game Battle Cry.

Antietam part 2

KA's US history fellow Kim discusses the international effects of the battle of Antietam.

Battle of Antietam: Steps of Fear

http://www.digitalbard.com presents: \

The Battle of Antietam: Part One

Joe Ryan compares the standard narrative of the historians with the standard of truth in court.

Battle of Antietam 1862

The Battle of Antietam also known as the Battle of Sharpsburg, particularly in the South, fought on Wednesday, September 17, 1862, near Sharpsburg, Maryland, ...

Battle of Antietam Movie

The Battle of Antietam: The MOVIE.

On the McClellan Go Round- George McClellan and the Antietam Campaign (Lecture)

George Brinton McClellan- one of the Civil War's most controversial and disliked generals- has been the subject of scorn and derision for decades. Frequently ...

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